Benjamin Howse

Becky has a passion for packaging design and branding and has gained experience with professional software in Adobe Creative Cloud whilst working on client and personal projects. She has a passion to develop and learn further skills that will help her within the industry. 


  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Videography

Image showing all the elements that Becky created when branding a new takeaway cereal café. She kept a childlike/playful feel to the logo and any imagery produced. Becky wanted to create a logo that worked like a cereal box’s logo/designs, as they are fun and eye-catching. 

Cereal café branding
Arnold’s Shoe Shop

Image of all the elements for a campaign for Arnold’s Shoe Shop. Vibrant tones of red/yellow/orange were used throughout the campaign for their connotations of happy and exciting emotions. Becky used both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for various elements throughout the campaign. 

Above are images showing designs created using Adobe Illustrator. Becky created a poster campaign for the Center for Alternative Technology. She also worked alongside CAM to create new branding as well as designed packaging for a new coffee company. 

A video concept for a new Yorkshire Tea advert. The concept behind the video was to show the community aspect that features in all their advertising but shows it in a more subtle way. In this video, mugs were slowly placed in to act like a group of people all appearing when they heard the kettle being switched on. 

A video of a title sequence that Becky made for the Netflix show Sex Education. She created all the shots using Adobe Illustrator from stills on the show that she thought were the most prominent. She then put together all of the stills made on Illustrator using Adobe After Effects, making the text move too.