Emily Baker

Oliver Beamont is a third-year Creative Media student, studying at the University of Worcester. Throughout his time at University, he has gathered numerous amounts of skill through working on software and equipment. Adapting his skills in photography and videography, he has been able to improve his knowledge across Creative Cloud and confidently tackle projects on his own or within a team. He gains great satisfaction from learning and developing new skills and being able to use them to the best of his ability.

His time spent at university has enabled him to gain experience working for clients with strict brand guidelines as well as on projects which require a short turnaround. Working on these projects has enabled him to improve skills such as time management, problem solving, communication, leadership and teamwork. Developing and delivering these skills has always been a priority for Oliver, who always wants to complete projects on time and to a high standard.

Plug Benny promotional video created using Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe Audition to display a selection of high-end shoes. This required the creation of auditorial elements using audio production techniques and tools. The video was filmed in a studio to capture the sharpest angle of the shoes, with the use of a black backdrop enabling them to stand out.

Giffgaff motion graphics piece created using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects following the brand guidelines. The motion graphics portrays how you can earn money from recycling your old phone with Giffgaff. With the young target audience, the rap enables the video to be recognisable, helping assist the process taken on recycling your old phone.

The video follows a documentary style, focusing on how exercise helps people with mental health. The video piece is created using Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition and Adobe Premiere Pro, using professional tools and techniques enabling Oliver to have a range of creativity for the best possible outcome.