Jack AshField

Rachael has worked on numerous projects learning new skills in the process to ensure the project is delivered to high quality desired outcomes. In her free time, she loves to experiment by learning new skills and practising existing skills using the Adobe Software including Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and After Effects. She is interested in graphic design, videography, motion graphics and photography.

From studying at university, Rachael has gained valuable teamwork skills such as communications, time management and knowing when to step up to be a team leader, ensuring everyone is involved and understands the task at hand.



For this project, promotional pieces were created in groups. The client was Edwards Motors, a family run garage that have a franchise in Kia and Mazda but also sell Motorhomes. They wanted three different videos and some photography to promote their business on their website and post content on their social media. Rachael created a video showcasing their showrooms and services they offer. It was very beneficial to work with a live client as she gained a good understanding of how to communicate ideas across to others and interpreting what the client wanted the final piece to look like.


This project tasked Rachael to create some digital animal designs. She took inspiration from Roy Lichtenstein’s use of a small selection of colours. To create these pieces, Rachael first took pictures of the animals at Colchester Zoo to use as a reference and then added blocks of colour on top to get the desired outcome.

Motion Graphics

The project was to create a simple motion graphics piece where the voice over is timed to the text, however Rachael wanted the piece to have meaning. She created a short motion graphics video to inspire others to understand that people should accept the difficulties they go through in life and move on as it will get better.

Rachael also enjoys creating content in her own time to develop more skills and learn more about Adobe software. While creating her personal portfolio accounts she did some research and found that it’s good to promote yourself if you create content to post about an event or seasonal celebration that comes up. For example, creating content to celebrate Christmas and New Year.

WARNING: This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.