Jake Sanders

Ali’s main passions include graphic design, photography and web design. As a third-year, joint honours student studying Graphic Design and Creative Media, he has managed to widen his knowledge and skills in many ways, gaining experience and allowing him to choose which pathways to specialise in. Originally, Ali started at university studying Game Design due to having a love of gaming and art however decided to move to Graphic Design and Creative Media in order to develop his creative design skills. Throughout university Ali has developed his skills with Adobe software, answered briefs effectively to a high standard and communicated with peers and clients alike. He is always enthusiastic to discover further techniques and receive feedback on how he can improve. 

Ali’s first experience with Creative Media was at A-Level and his favourite assignment was creating a music video. His group chose Bastille’s ‘Good Grief’. This project was his first experience in video editing (feel free to visit his website to take a look at other editing tasks) and he found it immensely satisfying when he was able to edit on and off the beat as well as synchronise the actor’s lips to the lyrics. When Ali’s team watched the existing ‘Good Grief’ music video, they found that it didn’t have much to do with what was being sung (Bastille’s style) so they decided to analyse the lyrics, find the meaning and create a story within the video. This led to a narrative about a boyfriend who took his girlfriend for granted and, now she has left him, he regrets doing so. 

For this second-year university brief, Ali was tasked with creating his own small publication booklet containing his opinions on 8 of his artistic heroes. This was his first experience in creating a professional booklet which challenged Ali with aspects such as keeping the reader engaged and using a consistent grid system throughout. He also decided to try something unusual and make the background to the booklet a matte black. This allows the images to stand out and show the readers exactly why these artists were his heroes.