Joe Toft

Richard has a passion for video and photography. He has gained experience with professional tools and practises such as photography and videography as well as Adobe Creative Cloud, through freelance work and online video production. He has a willingness to learn and develop additional skills in a creative professional environment.


  • Graphic Design

His time spent working on university and freelance projects has allowed him to gain leadership and communication skills. Developing these skills ensured he can work alongside peers and maintain a schedule to overcome and solve problems that could arise, delivering projects on time and to a high standard.

Still life photography of hairdressing products to show the tools of the trade. Colour was used throughout to add visual interest to the photographs and to create a surrounding environment for the products. Various modifiers such as reflectors and flags were used to light the products, to show their shape and dimension within the frame.

A video advertisement to showcase active noise cancelling headphones using visual effects techniques. The whole advertisement was filmed in a green screen studio and utilised screen replacement and object tracking to create an immersive experience as the environment composited using VFX is reacting to camera movements.

A title sequence for Mr. Robot created using Adobe After Effects and Illustrator. Distortion effects and visual glitches portray the dissociative personality disorder that the lead character, Elliot Alderson, has within the show. These glitches portray his alternate personalities within the title sequence, without exposing the plot to the viewer, while showing a fight for power over who is in control of the host by having the effect in rapid succession.