Josef Bellamy

Frasier is a graphic designer with a specialty in motion graphics and a positive outlook on work. They have a good work ethic and customer communication skills from working several years in the service industry. They also have good communication as part of a team, which is still practised in their work and social life. They have worked on several live briefs for clients including the NHS, Tiny Toes Tiny Feet, and Worcester University, which have progressed their customer communication, organisation and adaptability skills. 

Previously, Fraiser has worked at the Five All’s Pub. Here they instilled their good work ethic that kept them motivated through long, frantic shifts. It also taught them how a customer should be addressed, a practise and standard they keep in their work. 

Teamwork has been a large part of their life, all employment required it. The lessons and skills needed for it have been practised when they played rugby, went to Japan for the World Scout Jamboree, and are needed in current group projects.  

Their university work also requires them to work for clients. Most recently their teamwork and organisational skills were put to the test during two pressure projects. These projects were completed in under 18 hours. The first was a project for Well Way Rehab Solutions, where the groups video was highly praised. The second was created for CAM Systems, where they were complemented upon the groups understanding of the business. Their organisation and adaptability skills are also used in the Dungeon and Dragons game they organise through weekly meetings.