Lauren Brown

Jack is an aspiring director with a passion for storytelling. During his time in education he has been striving to improve his skills in photography, motion graphics, videography and script writing. Since his first year in college, Jack has wanted to write and create stories and his time in university has allowed him to start writing his own script.


  • Moving Images

These still images were taken from two university modules. Using the right camera, Jack was able to take these images. The image on the right was taken to show the effects human life has had on our miniature neighbours. The image on the left was taken for a project named ‘passion or profession’ and using controlled lighting Jack was able to affect the emotion of the image in the desired way.

This is a title sequence for a TV show based off a game. Using After Effects, Jack was able to create a graphic linking to the games travel. As his first try at graphics, this only drives him stride to improve on his skills.

‘The Survivor’ was a small, short story that Jack created to test his creative capabilities. This was one of his first steps into wanting to become a director and sparked his interest in creating stories.

This graphic was created as part of an exercise, allowing Jack to create a still moving image. This is just one of the many graphics he has created, ranging from branding to a new logo design.