Lorna Gwilliam

In his final year of his bachelor’s degree, Stefan Chalakov has defined his skills in multiple projects. Working effortlessly with programmes such as Adobe and Cinema4D, he has made his mark in an outstanding fashion. For the past few years, Stefan has worked closely on all projects, having an incredible eye for detail and sharing his different perspective with the world. In the past three years, he has managed to overcome the language barrier and adapt his skills in motion graphics, design and videography in every task given. For the near future, Stefan is hoping to acquire more skills and develop in his preferred area.

Stefan Chalakov has developed quite a passion for design and working in great detail. Pictured is a developing project of his. Stefan’s aim with this project was to present an abstract point of view. The project is entirely modeled in Cinema 4D, demonstrating Stefan’s newly developed skills in 3D modeling. The clever paradox in this picture is that the lamp, a source of light, is not lit. The source of light is coming from afar, making it look dimmer and duller. The designer focused on the detailing of the plant and the wooden desk, giving you a completely new perspective.

Catching your attention on the side are the abstract posters made from scratch. The project development went smoothly, combining the programmes Cinema 4D and Adobe Photoshop. Stefan carefully chose the colours, almost creating the illusion that all the colours are blending in one whole. The idea is that in a 2D world, one can still create 3D figures, giving dynamics to a motionless environment.

One of Stefan Chalakov’s main hobbies is photography. In his latest exposition, Stefan has decided to present some photos taken over the past few months. His style is simple, yet eclectic. In his work, you can see both street and studio photography. The artist has used multiple tools as well as various lighting techniques and sources. Additionally, he has used dynamic programmes such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Shown are some of his incredibly diverse shots.

Stefan has spent the last couple of years learning a wide range of creative techniques. Videography is one of Stefan’s main passions. This videography piece shows his wide range of creativity within both video and sound editing. He creates his projects with Adobe programs such as Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audition. Stefan wants to thank the university for the opportunity to create video pieces for companies such as Giffgaff and Edwards Motors during his time on the course.