Lorna Gwilliam

Lorna is a content creator based in Worcester / Droitwich. She enjoys experimenting with new techniques when creating media content and stretching her abilities. Working across various projects has allowed her to widen her knowledge of different software.

She has worked with video, audio, photography and illustrative work, allowing her to be confident in multimedia creation. She has a long-standing interest in film and gaming and appreciates both the post and pre-production aspects, as well as sound design. In her free time she enjoys photography and creating illustrations. She has worked with clients such as Droitwich Spa High School to create assets for awards evenings, including presentations, videos and programs allowing her to develop both her physical and digital work, as well as her ability to talk to clients, navigate briefs and manage her time effectively. She also runs a small family-owned Etsy shop which has allowed her to develop her SEO marketing skills as well as her communication skills.