Tommy Lewis

Alex’s fascination with all things creative has allowed him to produce ambitious yet well-managed projects over several years. His passion for bringing new ideas to life has pushed him to excel in different fields such as motion graphics, 3D animation, photography, video, and graphic design.  Advanced knowledge and experience with the Adobe Creative Suite, alongside 3D software such as 3DS Max, Blender and Unity has allowed him to achieve a broad skill set in both practical and theoretical fields. Ambition to master these skills has allowed him to effectively adapt, communicate and ensure the production of high quality work for various clients and projects.  

This is a title sequence that Alex made for a social media documentary called ‘Loss Of Connection’. This project was produced for a university module investigating advanced 3D animation techniques. The concept of the sequence aimed to convey a generation consumed by social media through various visual metaphors that represent social currency and signify social consumerism. The sequence is accompanied by a song called ‘Nowhere’ by Jaded Youth which aids in strengthening this message.

This is a project Alex worked on during the March lockdown of 2019 which takes the form of a documentary that focuses on three individuals with ‘special abilities’. He found the piece exciting to create as it allowed for experimentation with various visual effect techniques such as 3D camera tracking, rotoscoping, chroma-keying and video compositing. He has included some of the visual effects from the documentary in singular videos below for quick viewing.

A kinetic typography piece based around Charlie Chaplin’s speech from The Great Dictator. The piece was based on heavy research to ensure it was contextualised appropriately and takes inspiration from World War 2 propaganda. Motion graphics and typography were used to highlight various parts of the speech and the points it stands for. Adobe Illustrator, After Effects and Photoshop were used to create this project.

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Poster Design

Over several years, Alex has created various poster designs for musicians, games, campaigns and art projects. Above is an accumulation of these posters, each one in a different style tailored to the targeted demographic of a project.


In our society electricity is taken for granted. We do not stop to think twice about how it connects us and how we could live without it. As a society we are innovators, and for over a hundred years we have used electricity to bring us closer together through transport, technology, and infrastructure. This collection of photos aims to show the journey of electricity and how we can continue to use it to create a more interconnected future.

A collection of portrait photographs taken for friends and clients. The photographs intend to represent the personalities of the subjects through the use of lighting, scenery and posture. Subtle adjustments to the photos were made with Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Lightroom to help create more dynamic-looking images.

Photos taken from the Worcester Wolves vs Sheffield Sharks game in 2018. This set of images makes use of desaturating the colour of the crowd in the background to make the players stand out and bring the focus on the home team Worcester Wolves, who the photography was for. This style was achieved using Adobe Lightroom and then Adobe Photoshop for some final adjustments.